ISO Certification in Saudi Arabia is a powerful management tool. ISO 9001 is generally called as the mother of all the international standards. This particular standard is wild ted and globally implemented for the betterment of the organisation. One of the ISO standard published by international organisation for standardization based on the concept of improving the quality of service or the product that are provided by the organisation. ISO 9001 belongs to the family of ISO 9000 series. This particular standard focuses mainly on setting up the terms and condition when it comes to balancing the quality management system in any organisation as it concerns. ISO 9001 is also called as QMS or quality management system. QMS is mainly designed by international organisation for standardization in order to provide the confidence of quality-based service for the industries in all kind of business. The major focus that QMS is given to customer satisfaction and continual improvement in each process in the organisation. ISO 9001 helps to setup the statutory and regulatory requirements which are necessary for an organisation to you have the legal procedures and formalities from the eyes of the government. ISO 9001 standard fulfils all the requirements which are needed in order to establish quality policies and objectives based on the yearly continual improvement factors.
ISO 9001 standard implementation in any ISO Certification in Saudi Arabia organisation can easily be benefited in achieving the Global recognition by the company. The certification body make sure all the necessary requirements are been fulfilled by the quality management system in their administration. Implementation of ISO standard in any organisation can boost up the revenue of the company and could save a lot of investments over many other rules and regulations. Internal management system handling capability is assigned as according to the standard requirements. Improved customer satisfaction will always help the organisation to have a better retainment and can expect future prospective projects from the clients. Your customer will have a confidence on the organisation and will rely on your service are the product. Quality management system will always help the organisation to have a better relationship among the customers. Organisation can have a competency in the Marketplace in order to achieve the Global stability. Global recognition will Fetch the international data exchange for the organisation you have an effective and efficient processes in each department.
Minimising in the organisation and eliminating most of the threats that are faced externally and internal will help the organisation to achieve success earlier. Each process in the organisation in every department is controlled monitored and documented well in order to you are the best implementation of ISO 9001 standard. Reporting system management along with the well-established communication among the team will be an extra advantage for the company to have the successful range of production. The organisation main belongs to any kind of industry providing service for the product manufacturing company, it will certainly be providing a quality product or the service to the customer. The confidence in the customer will boost up the productivity and the delivery of the product at the right time will always help to manager good relationship among the clients. ISO 9001 standard will assist in all way possible Organisation in order to maintain the stability in the Marketplace with the topmost consistency success range. Once the implementation of ISO 9001 standard is done in any organisation the quality assessment and the quality policies that are predefined, bus be followed on daily basis with respect to each process in every department. This will help the organisation to have a continuous improvement and helps to increase the marketing opportunities.
International organisation for standardization is one such organisation where it is a non profitable organisation is and non-government organisation. On 23rd of February in the year 1947 this organisation was established by a group of delegates from different countries across the globe. ISO is the largest standard setting body which has already published 20000 different types of international standards. These standards represent business aspect and commercial industry structure with respect to standard requirement and applicable in various countries. There are 164-member body is associated with international organisation for standardization, this means these International standards that are published by ISO is valid in all 164 countries and globally accepted. The member bodies are highly recognised as representative standard body in every country. There can only be one-member body from each country that are associated with international organisation for standardization and will have the right to vote. The participation of these member body in producing each standard pleasure very major role. ISO 9001 standard is one such international ISO certification. There are committee is which are called as technical committee with respect to drafting the standards in order to publish them. The official three languages of are English, French and Russian. The headquarters of international organisation for standardization is in Geneva, Switzerland.
Why to choose Factocert!
The management system of any organisation can be improved in many ways by the implementation of ISO standard by our expertise advisors. Factocert believe in optimal documentation. Our method in what's the internal audit process which is a very dynamic and professional tool. Overall efficiency of an organisation also involved the improvements in each individual in the organisation. Our enrich training of internal audit improves the quality of internal auditors or process head of the organisation. To make sure the implemented tool is running smoothly, the review meeting that is conducted among the management will have the effectiveness of the process reports which will be analysed and Factocert that ensures that all the process is reviewed at a highest possible level. We believe in the mantra that "your success is Our success" and we ensure that the client will always have a hundred percent satisfaction from the organisation end. The capability maturity model integration is generally called as CMMI is a proven set of global best practice when it comes to Factocert we believe in establishing this integrated module with the robust framework. The improvements that follow after this will have a tremendous change in the progress of the organisation. This will help the organisation to have better tomorrow.
iso certification in saudi arabia

ISO 9001 Certification in Oman

All you need to know about ISO 9001 certification in Oman

One of the most crucial parts of the business in this era of competition is tackling the globalization and the rate at which the technology is transforming. Today world is changing day by day with a lot of invasive Technology that is flowing in the market. Soon after the launching of a product or service, it is replaced by one or the other product or service at a faster rate with which the industries and Technology adapted is struggling to inculcate the practices of the changes that are being held at a faster rate. In industrial sectors of countries like Oman have greater potential and also the threat of losing the business because of not updating with the technology and also not adapting to the changes in the current market that is happening. Industrial sectors and Technology transformation in the countries like Oman is happening at a faster rate with disruptive innovation because of the potential of the kingdom in welcoming the investors and developers. It is really difficult to sustain in the market without the quality management system. Thus ISO 9001 certification comes into the picture.

What ISO 9001 is all about?

Having said that the industry standards cannot coexist with the competitors without an efficient management system, there should always be a cause and also the solution for something to happen. The very sole reason for companies not able to compete in the market is because of a lack of efficient and effective management systems. The value of the organization in satisfying the customer will definitely affect the bottom line of the organization leading to a decline in the growth graph of the organization. The quality management system is accepted worldwide because of its proving results towards streamlining the process and procedure with which the industry can achieve standardization and unification. It helps in not only informing the process but also the employee satisfaction to a greater level. The cost of ISO certification in Oman is also cheaper. Building policies and procedures will help the Organization in achieving its oriented objectives at a very short period of time even before its scheduled plan. Thus, no doubt the quality management system is one of the most practiced management system standards for the organizations to excel in its stream of business.

And also it is very difficult for any organization to enhance and build a reputation with a shorter period of time point. It is always better for the organization to have an improvement in a continuous manner. Because this is where the organization will be able to understand its potential in the market and thus to provide and meet the demands of the market which will ultimately satisfy its customers without any doubt. A few of the quality management principles of ISO 9001 certification in Oman will help the organization to streamline its process and also to have a defined procedure. Customer satisfaction and continual improvement are the major topics of ISO 9001 certification. If at all the organization is able to meet all the demands and requirements of the customer one of the major criteria of the quality management system is satisfied. The growth rate of the company should not increase rapidly but yet the graph should increase gradually which will lead to consistency in the growth plan on a long term basis.

Considering the technology transformation and innovation that is happening around in this world of a market it is highly suggested to have the procedures and policies as a written document so that the consistency in performing the activities is achieved. A drastic change in the outcome can be expected without any doubt by implementing the quality management system and its principle at all levels of any Industries. It will lead to a greater potential of inviting the investors not only to the organization but also to the country which is of a cumulative result of implementing the standard by consultation. Factocert is one of the leading brands having consulting experience in the field of ISO certification.

Rather than adapting the training skills to go to different training schedules and matrix it is very effective to include the training activities as a part of ISO 9001 or even quality management system implementation and certification. Because the training for Quality Management System will provide a larger space and value to the organization and saving them time and financial investment. This will also involve the employees of the organization in a productive manner. Also, it is one of the ways in contributing towards the employee’s career growth by parallel growth of the company as well. It is not only about the process improvement but also the strategic plan on how to establish a framework for effective operations of the management system. The company should have a border perspective in order to compete in the market with high standards of products or services being offered to its customers. This is one of the core strategies of attracting customers and developing the business continuously.

How to get ISO certification?

But without forgetting the point that the quality management standard or its principle can only be implemented with experienced personnel in order to make the effective use and achieve the greatest possible outcome of implementing the standard requirement. Thus, it is highly recommended to go with a consultant or an expert in the field of the quality management system and having the potential to practically implement and adapt standard along with the best practices carried by the industry or the company. Factocert is one of the major organizations having its expertise in implementing the ISO 9001 standard practically and aligning in with the business activity of the organization alongside. Choosing consulting experts is absolutely the choice of the company. It is highly suggested to take the help of consultant in order to achieve the desired result by implementing the quality management system is nothing but ISO 9001 certification to your organization. This will eliminate the ever while implementing standard as a Process and helps Organization in saving the time and the cost and at the same time achieving the desired result consistently.

Over the span of this instruction instructional class, you may get the ability and aptitudes to methodology and perform inside and outside reviews in consistence with ISO 19011 and furthermore the confirmation technique In accordance with ISO/IEC 17021-1. As per helpful physical activities, you ought to have the option to ace review strategies and develop to be gifted to manage a review application, review team, association with possibilities, and compromise. Who should take up ISO 9001 Direct Auditor Course? Reviewers

Financial record offices on liberal terms are promptly accessible for these undertakings. The state has embraced a thoroughly free commercial center monetary item, and this has improved the reliance on Worldwide ISO enlistments in Saudi Arabia. The cash, modern and exchange divisions the money related state have made quick advancement, empowering the non-open part to Engage in an undeniably pivotal situation in the improvement and enhancement in the financial framework, explicitly in the fields of building and cultivating a spot where ISO 45001 in Saudi Arabia, and ISO 22000 in Saudi Arabia are fundamental. The Ministry of Economic framework and Scheduling figures monetary and social progression thoughts that built up broadened term money related desire; So making ISO in Saudi Arabia a need now more than whenever.

Our In-abiding encouraging probability causes you to select any of our projects and get tutoring at an area of your separate choice, by any system of your choice.

By consenting Along with the ISO Certification Specifications an association can help its unwavering quality by displaying shoppers that its administrations and items fulfill desires. Accomplishing ISO accreditation guarantees that an organization has exhibited the consequent:

Okay give instructing in my general vicinity? We offer ISO 20000 showing programs in areas wherever in the UK, and furthermore abroad. We make it direct to find a tutoring area close to you.

The entirety of our experts are Accredited guide examiners and recognized by their viable and specialized information joined with their palms-on working experience, in this manner ensuring that our purchasers get the best and Qualified help. We joy ourselves on our demonstrated one hundred% reputation for beneficial ISO Certification in Saudi Arabia.

ISO consultancy in Saudi Arabia needs to verify that basic instructing has been outfitted to each one of those game-plan heads or maybe the group with respect to how to doc these layouts ensuring that into and necessities is effectively satisfied. ISO consultancy benefits in Saudi Arabia needs to verify that You will locate a predetermined technique been recorded on the best way to doc the entirety of the strategy to be a reported data.

We are among the very much distinguished ISO specialists in Saudi Arabia with proficient advisor having involvement with each and every industry area and each common which makes us uncommon when contrasted and others. With us ISO confirmation Expense in Saudi Arabia is in every case very sensible for the take care of business we give.

A leading group of managers, headed by his Excellency the Minister of Commerce and Financial speculation and included Reps of the fundamental segments stressed over institutionalization in the Kingdom, diagrams the general inclusion of SASO.

Likewise a few of the association select ISO 9001 confirmation bodies in Saudi Arabia to play out the outsider reviews on their dealers procedure with the goal that they can Consider the providers game-plan toward incredible administration method that may have impact on buyer delight. The cost of ISO 9001 affirmation in Saudi Arabia to have the option to take care of business hosting a third get-together confirmation framework to achieve a review without anyone else wholesalers where by is from accreditation bodies to certificate bodies.

The network to this city through different vehicle channels, has activated Pretty a lot of a fourfold interest for ISO affirmation in Dammam. Worldwide consumption has seen a sharp ascent throughout the years, and expat firms have made ISO 9001 accreditation in Dammam an exposed negligible requirement for exchange capability. At the present time, undertakings are utilizing ISO enlistment in Dammam like a device for outbound promoting, pulling in unquestionably progressively new overall associations to hypothesize in Saudi Arabia, which thus has improved the interest from clients for ISO in Dammam.

Our on-line-based for the most part training projects intend to give you a whole showing useful experience. Because of their adaptability, these courses are gigantically fit to involved working masters, or any person who might support the comfort of a web based showing study course.

ISO 14001 DocumentationPreparing all the basic ISO 14001 desk work can be a staggering accomplishment. The ISO 14001 customary is open up to translation with respect to meeting its documentation prerequisites. Thusly, organizations attempting to get the opportunity to incorporate the ISO 14001 standard can discover them selves battling at an early stage inside their ISO venture. The truth from the have any effect is, considering the way that no two organizations are actually the equivalent, ISO desires are purposefully left unclear with the goal that each Business gets ready records, types, rules, and strategies that perfect fit their exceptional organizations.

Following most significant town all through the realm is Jeddah which can be famously alluded to as association center point with the nation. As shorelines and port are close by to town it is regularly picked as an organization spot which has activated expanded interest from clients for ISO confirmation in Riyadh click here with most Firm attempting to conform to the Intercontinental desires. ISO accreditation benefits in Jeddah happens to be crucial that you maintained the business inside the city as a result of universal purchasers and government requesting to follow the normal. ISO enlistment organizations in Jeddah is presently small confounded inside the city as a result of absence of awareness on standard how you can incorporate in the Firm. iso certification in saudi arabia

Juffair is a rural neighborhood of Manama, Bahrain. It was initially a different town occupied by Shia Muslims however it has been consumed by the rural development of Manama, and furthermore incorporates huge pieces of land recovered from the ocean. It is presently home to numerous lodgings, eateries, pads, and estates.
The Qalat al-Bahrain, also known as the Bahrain Fort or Portuguese Fort, is an archaeological site located in Al Juffair, Bahrain. Really calm place far from city. You can see the fort with a backdrop of Bahrain city. Great contrast. There is farms on one side and sea on other side. It’s a good walk around the fort with mild breeze. Good place to visit with family and friends. It's got a cozy coffee shop with prayer room also. Good place to visit to hang out, especially sea is nearby. When I go there I remember how people use to live in a places like this, hard life, I hope they will take more care of these places and never destroy it. Very calm and away from city live. Really interesting historical place. Portuguese fort built on the remains of ancient port & fortress. Must visit the museum nearby (not big but informative & well designed). Ticket to the museum costs 2.2 BD. The fort itself is free for visit. Also there are light & sound shows at 6 (English) & 7 PM (Arabic version) on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Need some maintenance in order to serve better for the public. Car parking is very small nearby road, from there you need to walk a little to reach the fort and the beach is very near walkable from the fort. Be careful not to go if you are "too dressed up" and/or have too big of a camera. They will think you are "working for a fashion company" and not let you enter. Even after you put the camera back in the car, they will still not let you enter, because you might "sneak and take a photo" of a historic, scenic landmark. Very nice to see the ancient Arab fort. It is huge fort made with mud and stones. Very nice design for air circulation by the ancestors. Very good place for monument visitors and nice maintained by government. No entry fees is the highlight.
The Al-Fateh Mosque is one of the largest mosques in the world, encompassing 6,500 square meters and having the capacity to accommodate over 7,000 worshippers at a time. The mosque was built by the late Sheikh Isa ibn Salman Al Khalifa in 1987 and was named after Ahmed Al Fateh. Nice architecture but it can be better. There isn't a lot people praying there during daily prayers. There should be more cold water for visitors. Friday Prayer parking is a big issue. It takes forever to get in and out the place. An additional library would be great idea. Some classes to teach Quran during the week, maybe. Other than that, the mosque is clean. I wish they had better speakers so you can hear the Adan from the outside further than it is now. Nice lighting.

ISO Certification in Bahrain
ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System:
ISO certification in Juffair can be easily obtained by contacting Factocert – best ISO Consultant in Juffair Bahrain. You may contact Factocert at or email on
ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System Manual:
Performance Evaluation
Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis and Evaluation
Factocert has planned and implemented the monitoring, measurement, analysis and improvement processes needed to
• Demonstrate conformity of the product to requirement specifications.
• Ensure conformity of the QMS.
• Continually improve the effectiveness of the QMS.
• Determine and implement statistical techniques for Data Analysis.
Customer Communication
• Factocert has obtained information about the customer’s perception as to whether the company has met the requirements after delivery.
• The feedback includes parameters on Quality, Delivery, and Service. Information derived from this has been reviewed and discussed in the Management Review Meeting.
• Customer feedback is collected from major customers at a frequency of 1 year. Feedbacks collected are reviewed and action initiated.
• The customer feedback is reviewed on receipt and the index is calculated.
• The Sales department resolves customer Complaints requiring immediate attention.
Reference: Feedback Form.
Analysis and Evaluation
Factocert collects, analyzes and displays data appropriately in order to meet the Quality Objectives and demonstrate the suitability and effectiveness of Quality Management System. Data Analysis is directed towards.
• Enhancing Customer Satisfaction.
• Increasing the Quantum of Service.
• Conformity to Service Requirements.
• Suppliers.
• Characteristics of Processes and products including opportunities for Preventive action.
All these data would be in the form of visual display like Bar chart, Graph or Pie chart.
Internal Audit
Factocert has established methods for conducting internal quality audits at every six months to determine whether the Quality Management System conforms to the planned arrangements to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard and to the quality management systems established by the organization and is effectively implemented and maintained.
Reference: Procedure for Internal audit
Management Review
Top management reviews Quality Management System once every 6 Months. This is conducted to ensure the continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of QMS. Opportunities are also identified during these meetings for improvement and need for any changes in the QMS including the Quality Policy, Quality Objectives and customer complaints and feedbacks.
Management Review Input
Review Inputs includes current performance and improvements opportunities related to:
• Results of audits.
• Customer feedback.
• Process performance and product conformance.
• Status of preventive and corrective action.
• Change that could affect the quality management system.
• Follow up action from previous management review.
• Recommendations for improvement.
Agenda is prepared by Management Representative and circulated to all the attendees before Management Review Meeting.
Reference: Agenda of Management Review Meeting.

Management Review Output
Review Output includes, actions related to
• Improvements of the quality management system and its process.
• Improvements of products related to customer requirements.
• Resource needs.
Review outputs are recorded in the minutes of Management Review Meetings and copies circulated to all members.
Reference: Minutes of the Management Review Meeting
Top Management shall determine and select opportunities for improvement and implement necessary actions to meet customer requirements and enhance customer satisfaction.
This shall include, as appropriate:
a) Improving processes to prevent nonconformities;
b) Improving products and services to meet known and predicted requirements.
c) Improving quality management system results.
Non-Conformity and Corrective Actions
Factocert has taken care to ensure that Nonconformance in the service is reduced or eliminated.
Reference: Procedure for Control of Non-Conformance
Factocert has established methods to take action to eliminate the causes of Non - Conformities in order to prevent recurrence. The corrective actions are appropriate to the effects of the Non-Conformities encountered. Effectiveness of the Corrective action initiated is reviewed.
iso certification in bahrain

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